Book Marketing Plan Tip: Changing Your Perspective

Have you really taken a look at your book marketing plan? Not just how you plan to promote and sell your books, but how you package and organize your self-published titles?

Maybe you’re not taking advantage of the full potential behind your written words, or you’re not opening yourself to the realities of how small publishers survive.

Once you get a better grasp on what it really means to self-publish and sell books for money, you are more likely to take advantage of its benefits by thinking with your business mind instead of your fantasy world mind.

A Quick Example of Refocusing Your Book Marketing Plan

For example, instead of focusing on promoting one long 400 page novel for an entire year that sells 2,500 copies at $16 retail and $7 wholesale no matter what you do and gives you $17,500 in revenue (common for a standard paperback book being sold wholesale), maybe you should instead work your buns off writing at least three titles a year that are about half that size (maybe 150 to 200 pages) for $12 retail and $5.40 wholesale that sell a combined 7,500 copies (or more since you can just keep marketing them to the same people). This way you can bring in a decent yearly revenue of about $40,000.

All you will have done here to double your income is write an additional 150 pages.

Not to mention, ten years from now, you will have a catalog of 30 books that will make money for you in trickles forever. You sell your books for money for eternity and make residual income: isn’t that what all the gurus say we should be shooting for? Just something to think about.

Self-Publishing Word to the Wise

Most self-publishers can make a decent living selling their books for money if they have a proven process that they duplicate with each title.

Word to the Wise: Once you get a good process and a solid book marketing plan or strategy, stick with it!

If you are about to self-publish a book, take a long, luxurious deep breath before jumping in the water. How you manage your new career will determine whether you’ll sink or swim in the self-publishing world.


Stay tuned for more REAL tips for self-published authors including marketing and promotions (what works and what doesn’t), short runs versus large printing runs, and handling your finances as a self-published author.